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Henri Lloyd Closet Detox

When you look in your closet what do you see? Is it neat and organised? Are essentials easy to find? Is your knitwear neatly folded?

If you can’t answer yes to the above and are more likely to see a cupboard overflowing with sale finds that don’t fit or bulging with pieces you have never worn you definitely need a closet detox.

Here is Henri Lloyd’s quick guide to spring cleaning your wardrobe.


Sorting The Forever From Never:

Go through your closet pulling out any item you have never worn or only worn once (wedding dresses and suits are the exception here). Create a charity pile of things you haven’t worn or aren’t likely to wear again. Pay particular attention to items you haven’t worn in the past 12 months. If it doesn’t fit don’t keep it in hope of fitting into it again someday – pass it on to someone who can use it.

Make sure to keep some neutral colours like navy, whites and greys – these form the foundation of a capsule wardrobe and prove a great base to make new season colours pop.

Take Care Of What You Keep

Make sure to fold knitwear. Knits stored on hangers will end up longer and with out of shape shoulders. Revive your leather with coloured polish and before wearing new leather goods use a protector – it really works! Cashmere is best store folded with tissue and rather than fading your denim in the wash, drop your jeans into a plastic bag and pop them in the freezer overnight, eliminating bacteria and bad smells, just try not to spill Bolognese down them. Mending your old jumpers and shirts is easier than it seems, a needle and thread will sort out those small holes and missing buttons. Keep on top of this so you can always grab the piece you need in a rush.

Future Proofing

If you find you have heaps of unwanted pieces after your clear out you can be sure you need to buy more wisely in the future. Creating a look is key to this. Slowly build a capsule wardrobe around shirts, polos, knits and classic denims. Seasonally add pieces which pull through trend colours and prints and layer with the basics to keep your look fresh. Buying too much colour can appear unclear and confusing but too much navy can appear heavy and boring. As with all things a great wardrobe is all about balance.